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All your asset holdings and investments tracked real time. CeFi? DEXes? Staking? Lending protocols? Liquidity pools? We got you covered.

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Get insights into your PnL, DCA, XIRR and more. Spot the winners and laggards at a glance. Get a detailed transaction view with easy to use filters. Put simply, know your portfolio better.

Seamless Tax-Filing

Get your crypto tax reports in the format of your choice and be assured of being compliant with your tax obligations. Upload them to your favorite tax report tool. Your accountant will find this the most convenient format!

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Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Why do I need to login?
    A login mechanism helps us retain your data and not depend on the notion of a cookie on the browser. Also, a login mechanism helps us stitch your profile and build insights for you across CeFi and DeFi holdings. It gives you a holistic view of your portfolio and thereby makes it easy for us to assist you in managing your risks.
  • What are the plans for Descrypt beyond tracking?
    We plan to launch value added services such as tax reporting. The goal is to be the best crypto investment portal.
  • How can I report a bug or an issue?
    Please report it by mailing at
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