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Security At Descrypt

Security is a promise we make to our users and we are committed to maintaining a secure consumer experience. We understand the risk associated with digital asset investment. We offer you cutting-edge security features to combat cyber attacks and other threats.

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How Do We
Your Account?
Real Time Monitoring

Our advanced technology analyzes every withdrawal, deposit, log-in, email and password reset, and tracking taking place. Any sort of unusual activity will be informed to the user and all crypto-related transactions linked to that particular account will be suspended until the issue is resolved after a thorough investigation.

Password Management Protocols

A user"s password is stored in our database using advanced encryption algorithms so that no one can read them, not even us. Confidential data is never saved as plain text.

Prioritizing Proactive Security Communication

At Descrypt, we focus on proactive security measures which involve preventing attacks, data loss prevention, penetration testing, and awareness about cyber-security culture. We take pride in our security approach and the conceptualisation of the prevention measures we practice daily.

Technology Implementation

All our applications are built on secure infrastructure tech stacks and are not vulnerable to attacks. Apart from that, regular security audits and blockchain analytics are conducted for regular checking of our customer"s cryptocurrency keys.

Experienced Security Team

Our team comprises threat analysts, ethical hackers, and security researchers who provide industry-leading security solutions. We put security first so that our customers can concentrate on their portfolios. If you encounter any fraud or abuse, our team is available for your support.

Advanced Data Encryption

We practice data encryption for any sort of personal information and external data stored in our database. Read-only APIs are used to prevent any third party from manipulating existing data. Data that is in transit to another destination is secured through end-to-end encryption

Security Notifications

In the event that any suspicious activity or odd incident is discovered, users will receive emails and notifications.