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Clear Tax
Descrypt was our go-to API suite for the past season. Their coverage, and more importantly, their accuracy led to our users having confidence in filing their taxes accurately and in good time. They have a fairly strong engineering team with a good vendor-centric approach. An absolute must to integrate with if you have users who hold crypto and have to file their taxes
Tax Buddy
Descrypt was a perfect ally for our taxation packages. Our users loved the accuracy with which they were able to generate crypto PnL reports and that helped us in filing taxes for our users on time. Their was also flexible in building a few of our requirements. We strongly recommend them for your taxation requirements in India or abroad as they believe in being true partners and deliver value
Use Cases
Tax Calculation & Reporting.
Pointer One
Accounting & reconciliation.
Pointer Two
Portfolio Tracking & Insights.
Pointer Three
A 3D image describing tax calculation and reports of multiple crypto coins.