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Alpha week + Big W's🚀- Uniswap , Lens & Arkham airdrop: Decoded by Descrypt #6

19 JUL 2023

The happy happy weeks’ spree has started and it looks like the breeze before the defi summer!!!! A lot happened and continues to happen at EthCC, with projects shipping BIG updates after the Ripple win against SEC- It looks like a legendary week 🥳💛🦄🍀💰

In the #6 edition of “Decoded by Descrypt” we will dive deep into the following W’s:

  1. UniswapX: Cowswap +
  2. Lens Protocol V2 Launch
  3. Arkham Intelligence Airdrop: What’s the catch?

Before, we dive in- Did you file your taxes? some 10ish days to go and here’s your rescue AKA crypto ytax bestie [TAP TAP]

On Descrypt, you can:

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UniswapX: Cowswap+ 1 inch?

The big guys at Uniswap are at a building and shipping streak, They beta-launched UniswapX which gives users more liquidity, better prices, MEV protection, & gas-free swapping but how?

Basically, It outsources the complexity of routing to an open network of fillers who compete to fill swaps at the best prices and therefore, also being gas free as the fillers pay for the gass instead of the swapper, so yes- Before you ask- You don’t have to pay for failed transaction or hold the native token for gas (Sounds familiar?, wait it all makes sense)

Diagramatic flow of uniswapx swappers

The MEV profits will be re-distributed to users who will also be able to swap and trade cross chain reducing the need for bridge tokens by the end of the year, until the team does a full launch.

Flowchart of swappers and fillers

Now, we all know they validated the cowswap model hard

Cowswap intent based training
Curvefinance tweet about cowswap

While Crypto Twitter is curious what made Uniswap do all this all over again and not collaborate with the existing projects, Let’s also not forget the immense power Uniswap holds with the distribution.

Market fundamentals in web2, web3 remains same- Distribution always wins. You can have the come up with the same model as a 10 year old project and still win better 🙂

Market share dune dashboard

Let’ see how it all unfolds, the launch of UniswapX actually compliments Uniswap V4 and therefore, in the bigger picture it makes sense to do this on their own, While Uniswap nowhere claimed they are the first to do it, they might be the first one to take this to the masses 🤨 (I guess??)

WAGMI! Excited to see where it goes

Lens Protocol V2

While yous scrolled Twitter last week, you might have noticed people giving away Lens invites, Well this was for something big!!!(P.S I got mine 😉)

Lens launched their V2

Introducing Lens Protocol V2 Tweet

V2 brings even greater control to builders and integrators as well as people exploring web3-powered experiences. This is particularly exciting for devs because they can bring their own smart contracts to enable any external smart contract action on a Lens publication with cross-chain capabilities and Oracle support.

For users,

  1. It enable saving their profiles directly in their hardware wallet along with Profile Guardian, which improves profile safety and minimized phishing profile takeover and on-chain blocking implemented by default standard, Blocked profiles cannot follow a profile, comment, mirror, quote, collect or conduct any open action on their content (This is user ownership ULTRA PRO MAX)
  2. It also enabled composability via NFTs, giving them their own social relationships, voice and monetization opportunity
  3. Your network moved w you- If you move your profile from one address to another, your social network moves with your profile
  4. You can transfer their handles without transferring their profiles (both are tokenized as NFTs)

Arkham: Airdrop, Reel for Real

With 25,000 wallets already claiming their share, totaling a staggering 24.3 million $ARKM, the airdrop just ended. It came at 100 claimers per minute joining the ranks of $ARKM holders. Considering the total supply of 1 billion tokens, the current 2.4% claimed represents a significant portion of the overall distribution.

However, the previous and very latest controversy of Arkham being linked to government agencies and their “bounties” to tag people with wallets, followed by the airdrop is a cause of 😖😣 amongst many users. No doubt, while Arkham might be a great project but there was legit concerns which was addressed in a satisfactory and not-so-satisfactory manner for the users.

For the government affiliation, they denies any such link

For the wallet security, the use AES encryption and follow “internal security procedure”

CyrilDefi tweet about government companies


vish eth tweet about roasthimjim

There’s soooo much going on in the marker rn, we might as well do another newsletter drop this week 😉🗞️

crypto texan tweet about crypto news
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