Tax Season, Arkham Doxing and Getting FTX money back 💰💸 : Decoded by Descrypt #5

First off, we were absent last week and sorry for that. It's the tax season and we were helping our warriors put out the fire via Descrypt 😎

But, the good part is we have double the tea for edition #5 of “Decoded of Descrypt” So, welcome and let’s dive into what was hot in the market. Today, we will talk about

    • 1.  Your tax besties
    • 2.  What’s cooking for FTX Victims
    • 3.  ARKHAM doxing us and what backfired
Your Tax Bestie, every Tax Season

Taxes can be a nightmare, but if not done can literally help you land in the nightmare 💀 July 31st is nearing and we’ll be your crypto tax bestie🤝

On Descrypt, you can:

    • Generate tax reports in a click
    • Auto-Sync Across 30+ exchanges and on-chain wallets
    • Import Transactions By File Upload And Manual Entry
    • Track all your tokens, NFTs, trades and more
What’s cooking for FTX Victims

We have good news, the long-awaited FTX refund process is underway→ Here’s what FTX has for you currently:

    • 1.  FTX has opened their claim portal at
    • FTX Official Tweet on JUN 29 2023
    • 2.  Login with your FTX account which had your funds→ Verify your email → Complete KYC
    • 3.  After completing the KYC, you will be redirected here , where you can review your transaction history and account balance. Once all the information aligns, you will be registered. In case of discrepancies, you can request amendments by providing supporting documents

While we wait to see what happens next, this would have some potential positive impacts like restored market trust, confidence, growth & better regulation.

Pepe The Frog Happy

BUT BUT, When there’s FTX there’s a but- The claim website went offline/ unavailable after 3 hours of launch…

Pepe The Frog Sad
ARKHAM Doxing us

To set some context, Arkham Intelligence is an intelligence platform which tracks on-chain data to give you alpha.

They recently introduced “Intel Bounties”, Now that’s where the angry crypto Twitter is pissed. Let us explain more:

Intel Bounties will let you set up bounties promoting doxing of crypto wallets’ real-world identities.

Arkham Intelligence Tweet by cole0x

This encourages users to link the crypto wallet addresses with the real-world identity of people, while some believe this is violating the fundamentals of web3, others like the CEO said that “Publicly available blockchains are probably the worst possible way of keeping one's private information private.”

On this, heated and more intense concerns were raised that Arkham also tracks its own user’s data including their wallet addresses, device ids, locations, emails etc and binds it together to form on-chain and real-life identities & more including it being backed by Palantir and OpenAI founders

BRO??????? Where was the 🚩 while they announced their beta launch

Arkham logs user data Tweet by Adam Cochran
Arkham is backed by Founders of Palantir and OpenAI Tweet by safetyth1rd