Descrypt will be shutdown on 31 Jan 2024. Please download your tax reports, if any, before that.
Revolutionizing DeFi And Crypto Asset Management.

Crypto has gained popularity as an investment vehicle. At the same time there are thousands of coins to choose from and hundreds of investment options. One can easily get overwhelmed by all the available options. We at Descrypt are on a mission of building blocks to simplify, educate and nudge users to manage their DeFi assets.

The team comprises of engineers and designers who worked with companies such as Google, Amazon, Stripe, Uber and Grab in the past. The team has expertise in founding engineering practices for multiple bigwigs with a stellar experience in FinTech products as SMEs.

Meet The Team
  • Raghuram Trikutam
  • Arun Jadhav
  • Abhishek Uppala
  • Thoungamba Laishram